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This is Andrew De Leon. He came into my life last year through this audition of America’s Got Talent. From the moment I saw him I presumed he was gay and later through his twitter (@AndrewLeoDeLeon) discovered that he isn’t. Well that doesn’t stop my muses. So for this round of the Tommy Big Bang I decided to pair Andrew with our Tommy.

This turned out to be a little bit of a disaster. My original hang up was Andrew and Tommy’s age difference (Andrew is 20) so I decided to write a high school AU. Turns out it got a little too close to things in my life and it retired to my Plot Bunny Graveyard on AO3. Then I tried a concert hookup which ended in the same sad lonely place. Finally I decided to turn to my faithful friend twitter and through a discussion with Valress and a few others The Magician’s Assistant idea was born.

With that said this entry is to introduce you to the unknown of my pairing. Now by this point I expect you’ve watched the video at the beginning of the entry (if you haven’t back your ass up and watch! Seriously his voice is amazing!) Andrew is as I said early 20 and resides in Texas. He appeared on last season of America’s Got Talent and was brought back as a wild card after being eliminated because he froze in his second audition. It was heartbreaking. He was definitely a fan favorite though.

Vegas Audition:

Wild Card performance (Unbreak My Heart)

Wild Card Results (8:50 seconds in Howie tells Andrew if Manson and Adam Lambert had a child it would be Andrew.)

Semi Finals

Andrew is a huge lover of horror movies and does horror movie makeup of low budget films in his spare time. He LOVES drag queens and RuPaul’s Drag Race, he’s soft hearted, and if you can look through his tweets and not find something in there that reminds you of Tommy, please tell me how. Andrew is currently recording his first album BLACKLIGHTS independently and the first single from the album is out on (Itunes) and it’s a cover of Ave Maria. I highly recommend it. He puts a haunting twist on it. He has stated the album is for anyone who's ever been bullied. He also released an original song to youtube last year called The Devil’s Knight. It’s very dance, gothic.

The Devil’s Knight

Also Andrew is a normal 20 year old. He's a goof ball and likes posting videos of him with his friends.

Andrew with his best friend Jamie.

Andrew with Meigan

And now onto the picture portion of this entry so just enjoy the pretty and you might need a drool rag.

 photo tumblr_mc7auyrm5j1rgjs1so1_500.jpg
 photo tumblr_mc3x0erLtC1qj4rleo1_500.jpg
 photo A8my5qhCcAITjOrjpglarge.jpg
 photo A5H2ZvhCMAAEVr5jpglarge_zps047bc5ae.jpg
 photo A7y1bvyCYAEJSeHjpglarge.jpg
 photo A7y7sFeCYAE7zuIjpglarge.jpg
 photo 522167_10151203376026676_2101247632_n_zps8a365b6a.jpg
 photo 247611_10151203375761676_1861972084_n_zps34f3caa2.jpg
 photo 560509_10151203376471676_1488259023_n_zpse82a3b62.jpg
 photo tumblr_mg4ponAK5j1rgjs1so1_500_zps2a526d77.jpg
 photo BDEgcs8CUAAqzemjpglarge.jpg
 photo BH2urNXCcAA3PbIjpglarge.jpg
 photo BKPn--vCQAA-e9Ajpglarge.jpg
 photo A5p8nBBCQAA0_myjpglarge_zps73957a91.jpg
 photo 155579_506891979335320_1886787112_n.jpg
 photo 10400ca067ff4942e57efdb0b9d7a05a.jpeg

And that my friends is your intro to Andrew De Leon. Enjoy!


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