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So while you were reading my fic you probably came across a couple of things I thought you might like some more information about.

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Title: Knocked Up
Author:[ profile] pyrosgf
Artist: [ profile] youkeyh and you can find more of her wonderful art for my fic here.
Pairing: Lambliff, Dia, Leila, OFC Dani, OMC Dr. David Harris, mentions of Adam/Sauli to cover up his relationship with Tommy.
Wordcount: 48658
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Barebacking, mpreg with graphic birth scene, allusions to an eating disorder
Disclaimer: All a figment of my overactive imagination, names and likenesses used but not meant to portray the actual lives of subjects mentioned. Fic follows the timeline of real life, but goes AU around the time Adam discovers he’s pregnant. I am not a medical professional so I’ve relied on google for terminology and medical jargon. I am not pregnant, nor have ever been pregnant, all events are based on my knowledge of pregnancy based on an interest I had as a teen in becoming a midwife.
Summary: This is a tale of magic, The Fates, and the universe aligning. The product of such an event was unexpected and left Adam and Tommy’s heads spinning.

Adam’s pregnant, but how? What events led to Adam’s ability to have children? How does he handle his pregnancy? And the big question, how is he going to give birth? I will answer all those questions, but you don’t know who I am yet, do you?

Would you like to know the sordid tale? Come on in and get comfy. I love a good story, even more so when it’s true.

Beta: I’m dedicating this to my lovely beta [ profile] scorpio_15. Without her I’m pretty sure this story would still be sitting around collecting dust. I got about 6k into it and got stuck and I didn’t pick it back up until arriving at her house. During my vacation with her I doubled the word count. The peace and lack of stress put me back into the frame of mind I needed to be to finish it. In those two weeks I learned more about this fic and myself than I think I ever have. I came back home a new person with a renewed love of what I was writing and myself and I can never thank her enough for that.

PS If you want to check out all the other American Idol fics that I have somehow written without realizing just how many. I’ve compiled a master list, which you can find here.

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