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Title:Falling Never Hurts
Author: pyrosgf
Type: friendship/romance
Word Count: 7490
Rating: NC-17
Characters/Pairings: Adam/Kris (breakup) & Adam/Tommy
Warnings: strong language, sexual situations
Summary: Written for Glam Reverse Big Bang. Adam has a bad breakup and it leaves him hurt and confused. Tommy doesn't help matters when he tells Adam he's really bisexual and has been with men in the past. Though the grief is strong somewhere in Adam's heart he feels that impulse of emotions he felt the first time he'd met Tommy. From there it's anyone's guess how things will pan out. Adam is afraid to have his heart broken again, not to mention the repercussions of a relationship when you're the boss.
Author’s Notes: Thanks to my artist delugedpapercup and my betas [personal profile] tommyglitter and Sage. This fic would not be the same without them. Please take the time to check out delugedpapercup's amazing mix and art here.
Disclaimer: All a figment of my overactive imagination, names and likenesses used but not meant to portray the actual lives of subjects mentioned.

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Title: The Ghosts of Lovers Past
Author: pyrosgf
Pairing: Kradam, Bradam, Dradam
Wordcount: Roughly 7000 (oneshot)
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Sexytimes, some paranormal shit, and boys with potty mouths. Loosely based on A Christmas Carol.
Disclaimer: Nope I don’t own them. Don’t claim it ever happened and all that jazz.
Notes Written for the [ profile] aiholidaybash for [ profile] kradambomb.
Prompt: Crack!Fic-ish/A Christmas Carol-ish but doesn't have to be true to the story - Adam Lambert is a bitter and jaded rock star. There was a time when he loved to perform to the masses but over the years he has grown to hate his legions of adoring (and demanding) fans who, in turn, end up adoring him even more. He is never alone but he's always lonely. Then one drunken night, he is visited by the Ghosts of His Lovers Past (or past lovers) aka the Three Spirits or the Three Men He Loved The Most - Brad, Drake and Kris. Must include three flashback scenes of how his relationship with each guy soured. Then Adam realizes one of them is "THE ONE". You can choose who he picks but since I am a Kradam fan, I would love it if he picks Kris. Kthx! =) Happy ending is optional, i.e. they could live happily ever after or, even after Adam chooses, the guy doesn't necessarily have to want him back.
PS: Thanks you so much for this prompt. I think I’ve had more fun writing this than anything else I’ve ever taken the time to write. I also want to say I’m sorry that this ended up being so long, but I do hope it makes you as happy as it has made me. Merry Christmas!
Beta: My darling [ profile] alyssand who put up with the three fics I plopped on her for the [ profile] aiholidaybash. I really have to thank you because you control my cheese factor and really made this fic even better.
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Title: Butt Plugs and Edible Underwear
Author: pyrosgf
Pairing: Kradam/Hot Pockets
Wordcount: 728 (oneshot)
Rating: R
Warnings: Talk of butt plugs, lingerie, and sexytimes.
Disclaimer: Nope I don’t own them. Don’t claim it ever happened and all that jazz.
Notes: Written for the [ profile] aiholidaybash for [ profile] kradambomb. I really hope this is okay. I’m not overly happy with this one.
Prompt: Kris buys Adam and Katy each a "very special" and personal Christmas gift. But somehow their gifts accidentally get switched! Kris has a difficult time explaining to both why he gave Adam red see-through lacy lingerie (w/edible panties) and Katy the Super Duper Maximum All-Day Pleasure Butt Plug (with the note on the card saying "for when I can't be with you"). Make this funny and/or sexy!!!
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