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This past couple of weeks... just holy shit. What is my life?

It all started Saturday, January 7th. I promise there is a point to the whole back story. Without these specific chain of events the result would've been much different.

1-7-12: I get this hair-brained idea. I'd been thinking about it, but ya know I just wasn't sure there was any point. So I call up [info]scorpio_15 and the conversation goes something like this. Me: Hey, so I've been thinking... if I try and get tickets to Leno, are you game? Her: Sure, go for it.

Thus the birth of a beautiful pipedream. I beautiful rainbow pipedream that ends with a rock god in front of my nose. After said conversation I requested four Leno tickets and didn't think there was a snowball's chance in hell I'd get them. *shrugs* I've always been a 'what if' kinda girl though.

1-8-12 I met up with[info]technicolornina at Apollos to see the strip show. It was the first time we'd gotten together after having a bit of a falling out and let's just say that I've already written about the rest of the night and it's on private, but we have an understanding now so we also had the discussion about possibly going to Leno.

The next few days were spent with much confusion in my personal life and we got the news my step dad's dad wasn't doing well.

1-13-12 Talking to[info]technicolornina on messenger and she says @cecycat1 has extra tickets for Leno. She tweets her and is able to get three for us. Enter mass hysteria and much freaking out on my part. I called scorpio-15 and let her know we had tickets and she proceeded to scream in my ear for the next five minutes. After phoning her I calmed down for a minute and then just needed someone I could word vomit at. Michael doesn't necessarily always understand my cray, but he does listen. I called him and proceeded to flail and then had a weird turn of events when I realized this would be the first time Adam was performing BTIKM live. I started crying... like not even... I don't ever cry when I'm happy, but I was so crying. After talking to him I called my mom and told her and ended up bawling again. Really lots of fucking tears this past couple of weeks. Anyway, so that night [info]technicolornina and I got together and went to the mall and hung out, and then got some dinner. We'd planned to get together Sunday at Apollos again (I'd went out and bought a skirt for the event, yes I said a skirt.  Turned out to be long enough to wear as a dress.

As fate would have it, it wasn't meant to happen. @cecycat1 giving us tickets meant [info]technicolornina had enough warning to switch shifts at work so she ended up working a double on Sunday.

1-14-12 I'm woken up at like 5:30am by the sound of my step aunt knocking on my step dad's bedroom door telling him that their dad's blood pressure had been dropping.  They spent the majority of the morning at the nursing home with him.

1-15-12 Step dad's dad passed away around noon.  Mom calls me and tells me.  She bawling and I'm trying to keep my act together.  It's been hard for her because she never grieved her own parents so it's dredging up things for her.  For me, while I grieved... I was fifteen when my grandma passed away and she was like my mom.  Sunday I felt like that same helpless little girl again.  Lots of tears.  I was gonna go out with Peter and Sandy to Apollos to see the drag show, but I wasn't sure whether or not we'd go or not considering.  I told him it was up to him, if he was up to it or not.  He decided to go and I knew I wanted to drink so I did.  I had three drinks which I think is a first for me.  It was nice to just put everything out of my mind for a while.  I also dressed up to go out... damn it's been years since I've worn a skirt.  I looked like a hooker.

1-16-12 I officially have the dumbest luck ever.  Got an email around noon on Monday that said my reservations for Leno tickets were confirmed.  I now had four tickets.  I called [info]scorpio_15 and let her know to call another friend who had wanted to go.  Due to family drama she ended up not being able to.  I tweeted I had an extra ticket and after like an hour someone finally DMed me and baboom, we now have a party of four.  So I called @cecycat1 and let her know she could give her other tickets to other people.  I showered at like 2:30pm, took a sleeping pill, and headed to bed in hoped of sleeping until like 11pm because I knew it was going to be a really like ride to Burbank with two drivers who'd worked all night and I wanted to be an extra set of eyes even if I am useless at the driving part.  By 6pm I was already awake again and @cecycat1 called to confirm I didn't need the tickets.  At 11 I got up and got my clothes on for Leno, put on my make up, and at 12:15 we left the house to meet [info]scorpio_15 and [info]technicolornina.

1-17-12 Meet [info]technicolornina at the Waffle House and we wait for [info]scorpio_15 and once she arrives we hit the road.  We stopped a couple of times through the night and at one point I saw a shooting star.  Was only the second one I've ever caught so I was hoping it was a good sign.  I dozed a lil before 6am and then by 7:15 we were in Burbank by the studio.  We got there much fast than we figured.  We thought with traffic we wouldn't get there to closer to 10.  Then began a long day of waiting in the cold.  This is really early in the day when I was still pretty bundled up.  I spent most of the rest of the day on my feet. 

So we waited in line from 7:15 ish until 11am when they let us into the 'cattle pen', which I wasn't a fan of at all.  It was a gated in area and we were just stuck there waiting.  I don't like being closed in... not claustrophobic, but a lil overstimulated with so many people around me. I should probably add the closest bathrooms were in a park down the road.  And this is the part where I'll mention I didn't go to the bathroom from like 5am until after 2pm.  Didn't eat or drink at all while we were there.  My stomach was upset from the lil bit of traffic we'd encountered so I didn't wanna chance being sick.  Okay, back to my point.  We were in the pen until 2pm.  Then they herded all the 'glam cows' as [info]scorpio_15 kept calling us, into the last waiting area.  There were bathrooms in a trailer in the parking lot, none inside and if you went during the show you had to wait until a commercial and then wait until the next to come back int. Anyway, they gave us all numbers.  I was #51 in line when we were like 20 back when we arrived that morning.  I'm only mentioning this because of the odd turn of events that led to.  So when they finally start letting people in they stop at 50 and have me sit down at the front of the line and wait.  Then a guy comes out and asks how many are in our party, the next party, and the next, 7 total.  The seven of us are herded in and sent to section seven.  We knew the left side of the stage was where Adam would be and we were in the section right beside the one on the left on the middle set of rows so it was only two rows and it went another tier down if that makes sense.  Anyway, once we got seated, the row in front of us had three seats on the end I was sitting that were open and then four at the end that were taped over.  I noticed the one closest to me said Lambert and almost ate my shoes. 

A few minuted before taping in come Leila, Sauli, Neil's g/f, and Neil.  They are sitting in the row in front of me and just a hair to my left.  I am transfixed and distracted, but I'm a very good little Adam fan who knows it's rude to interrupt, they're there for Adam.  [info]scorpio_15 and I had great fun dancing in our chairs to the house band music and goofing off.  Seriously the happiest I've been in a long time.  I kept watching Sauli though throughout the show.  That boy really is beautiful.  I didn't think I would be shocked by seeing him in person, but he's even prettier in person.  He has an amazing smile, but I spent most of the show with an insane urge to take a picture of his neck tattoo.  I've been fascinated by it since I first saw him and I'm really glad my camera was in the car.  The show itself was really funny.  Leno is totally a hoot.  Poor Sam and his shirt.  I didn't realize who he was until after we were at the show, even with having seen a picture of him on Leno's site.  He's pretty.  Sherri was really hilarious.  Talking about praying to god to make her a hooker... I was dying.  I was also amused that every time Leno announced his guests they got a mildly warm welcome until it was Adam time and then everyone went ape shit.  I didn't realize how much Leno was edited until watching back Adam's performance and listening to the crowd and how they turned it down when he started singing and everyone was still clapping and screaming.

I can't say for a fact, but I'm willing to mention it because I think it's true.  At times I'm almost positive Adam was singing to Sauli.  Sauli had this huge smile on his face and it was really just, I can't even.  Of all the things I expected, I didn't think I'd get to see Sauli watching Adam perform.  Adam was beautiful, omg so beautiful, Tommy looked amazing, I noticed Ashley was on her knees, but didn't know why until later.  And this is where I'm a bad fan because I honestly don't even remember seeing Isaac and I kinda glanced at Kevin, but my eyes literally just kept going from Sauli to Adam to Tommy and then back.  It was amazingly awesome to be there the first time he performed Better Than I Know Myself live.  It's the only time I've ever watched him live and not had a feel for what to expect based on previous youtube videos or performances.  I truly feel so lucky and blessed to have had the chance to see that.  I thought that would be that, but it wasn't. 

After the show we went outside and waited by the exit to see if we could see the band/Adam leave.  We waited for a while and I was surprised most of the fans dispersed fairly quickly.  I didn't honestly expect that.  By this point I was so exhausted I was pretty much dead on my feet, but it was my first time in California and I was hoping maybe Tommy would stop to take pictures... that was my hope over being there.  When Isaac drove past, Tommy was in the passenger seat and he waved to us and said bye... did I mention he looked amazing?  I melted into my shoes a little.  Kinda hoping while I'm in AZ a Ravi and the Heartless show will pop up with enough advanced warning that I'll be able to go.  I just want a picture with Tommy.  I got to meet him in Charlotte, but my camera flash wouldn't cooperate. 

So after a lil while longer it's my party and a cluster of Sam fans still waiting.  I'm thinking Adam's already sneaked out.  When a black car with dark tinted windows comes through the gate and stops I presumed it was Sam and then the window rolls down, and a little part of me dies, because there is Adam fucking Lambert in the flesh.  He asked us where everyone was and [info]technicolornina replied they left already.  He gives us a smile and says, "we'll you guys are the smart ones, aren't you."  Fuck, I'm dead.  So fucking dead it's not even funny.  He's beautiful, and he's talking, and his voice does things to me.  And yes that is my hair.

After everyone who wanted something signed finished I asked if I could show him my tattoo.  He was like sure and I pulled up my sleeve and tilted my arm in the window so he could see.  He said, "what does it say 'in the... *head tilt* aftermath', oh cool... I really like the colors..."  Seriously by this point I am so tired and so happy and so overwhelmed that as soon as he rolls up the window and the car pulls away I looked at everyone and said just kill me now, I'll die happy.  It was just... I never imagined when I got that tattoo that I would ever get a chance to show it to him.  I know he will never know what that song means to me, but the pure fact I got to show it to him, I mean these things don't happen in my life.  They just don't.  I don't get to meet someone I admire twice in one lifetime like that.  This trip was just so amazing. 

On the way to the car I called my mom and let her know what had happened and as I'm talking I'm emotional and shit and fucking damn near start crying again.  We went to grab some dinner and then found a hotel to crash.  We were gonna stay up and watch Leno, but it didn't happen.  We were all just too fucking tired.  I passed out about 9:30. 

1-18-12  Got up at some point in the night to go to the bathroom and when I went to get back into bed my foor cramped up.  That's the one thing I really hate about being on my feet in line all day for shows.  I get dehydrated, I lock up my knees, I overstimulate my senses, and then my body is all fucked up for it.  Totally worth it, really not complaining, would do it again tomorrow if I could, but feet cramps suck ass.  Went back to sleep and woke up at 4am and couldn't go back to sleep so I got up, got dressed, and sat on the couch in the quiet for like almost four hours.  At some point I noticed the sun playing peekaboo with the curtain and I got out my camera and snapped a pic.


I gave them until 8am, breakfast ended at 9.  Asked if they wanted to join me and just got grumbling so I went down and had breakfast alone.  It was nice.  Finally got everyone up and moving by almost 10am and we finally got out of the hotel to head back.  Took some shots at the hotel and on the way home I'm gonna add in.  I really loved California.  I didn't get to see much on the drive in, but this morning, was the views were gorgeous.  It's more like home than here in Arizona.  Greener, more alive.

This is the day after Adam awesomeness hangover look that I'm sporting.  Yesterday's makeup, a Tommy tee, and a smile.  God it's so weird looking that this picture because I can see so much of my little brother in my face for whatever reason.

And finally I want to thank all of the people who made this trip possible and fun.  From all the people who had a hand in the trip and to those in line who were awfully entertaining, but there are a few I need to thank in grammy style cheesy speech.

Mom- if not for your awesome Christmas gift of a ticket to Phoenix it would've never happened.
Michael- who even in my spazzed out not thinking state when I called him offered to help with gas money even after having to listen to my crying babble.
Ditto- (step aunt, makes it easier to distinguish since there are two Sandys in the house.)- who in brilliant thinking gave us the money for a hotel room.
Peter and Sandy- For driving me in the middle of the night to meet my girls.
[info]technicolornina &[info]scorpio_15- For being amazingly awesome and being game for the insanity.
@cecycat1- because she's really the reason the whole trip was planned out before I got my own ticket notification.

I have now been writing this for over two hours.  It's 12:19am and I've been awake since 5am AZ time and lost an hour in the drive so my body is still confused.  I hope it all made some semblance of sense.  And if you made it to the end, you have my many congrats.  Holy crap I babble. 

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August 28th, 2010… one year and twenty-six days after seeing Adam Lambert on the Idols Live tour for the first time I finally got to meet him. It was one of the best days of my life.

Rambling and lots of pictures this way. )
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So it's been a lil over 12 hours since I left the venue last night, but let me tell you Adam Lambert live is truly EPIC.

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