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Aug. 18th, 2012 03:24 pm
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Title: Kranked Up
Author: pyrosgf
Pairing: Adam Lambert/Gerard Way
Wordcount: 1205
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Fucking machine fill for [community profile] kink_bingo, male escort
Disclaimer: All a figment of my overactive imagination, names and likenesses used but not meant to portray the actual lives of subjects mentioned
Summary: Krank is LA’s dirty little secret. It’s a part of the underground scene that caters to a whole host of weird, freaky, and kinky activity that most commoners would never imagine. It’s where people go when they’re looking for something specific, something dirty, or maybe something sweet depending on how you look at it. Krank has almost everything you can imagine under its roof and if they don’t have it, they’ll find it for you. All you have to do is ask. There’s only one rule, what happens at Krank never happens.
Beta: [personal profile] valress 

Adam walks in, his senses immediately assaulted by the thump of the bass, flashing lights, and the scent of hundreds of bodies writhing on the dance floor. His heightened senses are on alert, eyes flashing from corner to corner checking out the scene. He’d heard from a friend that Krank was the place to be for celebrities looking for a good time. Tonight Adam is itching for just that.

Adam’s skin thrums; the full moon outside is like a noose trying to reel him in. He pushes the wolf down. Just an hour or so and he won’t be able to ignore it anymore, but right now he wants this. Krank promises anything he desires and right now it’s a good fuck with a gorgeous boy. Krank has a gorgeous selection of escorts, Adam peruses them as he walks further into the club. Each escort dances in a cage surrounding the outside perimeter. Then he spots him. The guy is all pale skin and beautiful lines as he writhes to the music. He’s wearing a black leather thong and a shit ton of red glitter. When the light hits him just right it shows his hair is the same flaming shade.

Adam’s dick throbs in anticipation and he adjusts himself and stalks over the cage. One crooked finger topped with a smile and pretty boy is coming out of his cage. Adam fights down the urge to nip at the guy’s neck when he comes close enough to yell into Adam’s ear.

“What’s your pleasure?”

“Rumor has it you have some machines around here…”

“We do,” the guy confirms and laces his fingers with Adam’s tugging him through the crowd and to a dark hallway

He’s pulled into a room and is surprised to find it well lit. The guy pushes lightly at him, motioning for him to climb on the table the machine is connected to. Adam shakes his head.

“No, no… I want to watch it open you up for my cock.”

“Mmm, well then, everything at Krank has a price, mister?”

“Adam, I’m Adam.”

“Well Adam, you can call me Gee. I’ll be more than happy to provide you pleasure if the price is right.”

Adam looks at Gee and realizes Gee has no idea who he’s talking to. “I’ve got you covered,” Adam replies and takes out a wad of hundreds and hands it over like it’s nothing.

Gee’s eyes go big and Adam laughs. “Now we get down to business?”

“Yeah, just let me get out a new dildo for our little friend here.”

Adam watches silently while Gee quickly attaches the toy to the machine and hops on the table. He moves closer to get a good look as Gee shimmies out of his thong and positions his ass to the toy. Adam notes Gee doesn’t make a move to slick himself just the toy. Adam makes a noise in his throat and hikes an eyebrow.

“We prep before every shift. A lot of clients don’t like to take the time to get us ready.”

“Ahh, smart.”

“Yeah, would you… yeah umm… it’s not usually me on this thing. Could you hit the button right there,” Gee murmurs and points to the side of the machine just out of his reach.

“Sure.” Adam glances and sees Gee scoot up until the toy has just breached him. “Ready?”

“Yeah…” Gee sighs and settles back onto the table.

Adam hits the button and the sound of the machine whirring to life fills the room. Adam’s attention is on Gee’s face as it melts. Gee groans and Adam’s cock twitches with interest. “Have you ever done it before?”

“No,” Gee replies on a harsh breath.

The whir of the machine dials up a notch and Adam notices the thrusts of the arm come faster. “Is it good?”

“I…” Gee twitches his hips. “It’s not like being with a man, but it’s…” Gee moans and Adam sees the way his eyes roll back into his head. “It’s hitting everything just right.”

Adam wasn’t expecting it to be like this, that watching Gee flat on his back getting fucked by a machine would look this good. Adam had wanted Gee to be loose and pliant when he fucked Gee, but now he isn’t sure he’s going to last long enough to fuck him. He scrambles at his jeans finally getting the button open and the zip lowered enough to grab his dick. Gee squirming on the table moaning like a whore is really getting to him.

“I don’t think I can take you away from it.” Adam’s voice is tight as he finally gets in the first stroke. His slit is slick and he rubs his thumb over the head. “I wanna watch it make you come.”

“Fuck… yeah… if that’s what you want, but… if you can get your knees on each side of the table you can fuck my mouth.”

Adam shivers and grips his dick tight. “Yeah… I…” Adam kicks off his shoes and shimmies out of his skin tight jeans. He hitches a leg and braces a knee on one side of Gee’s head and careful of Gee’s hair he gets his other knee on the table. The space is just big enough. Gee is looking up at him confusion painting his features.

“I meant the other way,” Gee pants.

“I know, but this way I can suck you.”

Gee groans and Adam’s grip tightens on the table when Gee’s lips close around his dick. Multi-tasking, he can do this. He lowers himself and uses one hand to aim Gee’s cock to his mouth. From this angle he can see the dildo plunging into Gee and with more enthusiasm than he’s managed to harness in ages he sucks Gee down.

For the next several minutes the whine of the machine speeding up and the muffled sounds of sex fill the air. Adam’s blood is running hot and his wolf is clawing for a way out. The height of the full moon is near, and Adam needs to come now before he shifts on top of this poor unsuspecting human. The vibrations of a moan run up his cock and then his mouth is filled with come. Adam groans and thrusts into Gee’s mouth desperately. He pulls off Gee, mouth dribbling with come and before he can swallow he cries out coming into the wet heat of Gee’s mouth.

When he finally comes down Gee is whining desperately and smacking at his thigh. Adam wipes at his mouth the come on his chin is already sticky.

“Turn… turn it off.” Gee finally grunts and Adam reaches and smacks the side of the machine until the sound dies.

Adam stands on jelly legs and takes in the sight of Gee all fucked out, lips swollen and whore red.

“Thanks for the good time,” Adam says and quickly yanks his jeans on and grabs his shoes. He hurries out before Gee replies. Adam sprints through the club on bare feet and bursts out the door into the muggy night. He runs until he hits an empty alleyway and falls to his knees. Just in time, Adam thinks to himself as the shift begins.
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